Hip Hop at Makriss Dance Ministry is not just a style of dance that we teach; it is the main style that we prioritize. Students don’t just come to Makriss Dance Ministry to learn Hip Hop steps; they come to discover the real Hip Hop life. We live Hip Hop.



At Makriss Dance Ministry we teach the whole Hip Hop styles also known as Street Dance. All classes are taught by highly trained professional instructors that worked hard to reach their position; each instructor has his own style and his own flavor making it very beneficial for the student to taste many styles for the same kind of dance. The styles we teach at Makriss Dance Ministry cannot be found anywhere else in Lebanon and the Arab world.




Then we have the most fashionable dance which is the Reggaeton that blends Jamaican and Latin American musical influences.



At Makriss Dance Ministry we give our biggest attention to our young ones, the children aged between 3 to 6 years, we consider them the heart of our school, they are the future. This class is where it all begins to these children; it is the most important class at Makriss Dance Ministry.



We start working on these children at an early age and set them in the right direction to become excellent and talented dancers in the future. We work on the attitude and charisma of the child thus increasing his self confidence and strong personality. After this class our mission is not yet completed, for these kids are introduced to the Hip Hop kids’ class where they start following a choreography including harder steps.





Makriss Dance Ministry is not only concerned about the Hip Hop culture, we are also interested in other kinds of dance forms for we believe a person can only be called a dancer when his variety of dancing exceeds one style.



That being said, our students attend classes like Dabke, Salsa, Tango, Belly Dance, Jazz, Street Jazz, Contemporary, and more.



We believe that other styles of dance can influence and trigger ones creativity in the main style they want to accomplish and master.



Scholarships/Private lessons  are available.

All Makriss Dance Ministry students must perform at the end of year recital, directed by Mr. Makriss & choreographed by the school’s instructors.