Charles Makriss founded Makriss Dance Ministry in 2009 after long years of hard work. He was the first to take Hip Hop from the streets to be practiced and taught in dance studios and later in academic schools. It wasn’t that easy for him to reintroduce Hip Hop as a culture, given that it was a misunderstood and discredited form of art ever since it started spreading in Lebanon. Hence, Makriss Dance Ministry is a dream come true for all Charles Makriss’ students who have wished for so long to belong to a place where they can meet daily and dance with no restrictions.

Charles Makriss adopted a new concept with the opening of Makriss Dance Ministry: a small agency that provides professional instructors for dance schools & clubs in Lebanon on demand. Ever since, Makriss Dance Ministry became one of the most successful and widely known Street Dance schools in the region; its students have been dancing and performing in video clips, live concerts, TV shows and commercials, with famous local and international artists.