The passion for dance comes from within. But how to shape this passion is a call out for challenge, and this is what Makriss Dance Ministry does best. “Character”, “Creativity”, “Performance”, and “Knowledge” are the essence of a good dancer, therefore the development of these elements is Makriss Dance Ministry’s main principle.

The students will get the necessary training whether they are pursuing a professional career in the future, or considering dance as a fun hobby. This dance education will be accessible to all people who come from different racial, ethnical & social backgrounds, to raise awareness, encourage unity, and to let the students support one another through their mutual love for dance.

While finding money can be challenging for some, scholarship awards are available at Makriss Dance Ministry for dance students wanting to further their dance education.

Makriss Dance Ministry has expanded its mission and has reached a higher number of talents, by sending its experienced team of instructors to different branches to explore potentials, and provide the necessary instructions.