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  • EOY Recital 2017

    eoy ticket

    EOY RECITAL 2017

    More than 20 shows all styles

    Hiphop,breaking,salsa,street jazz,bachata,Burlesque&many more

    shows are”full of unlimited creativity and real dance”

    for info don’t hesitate to call us on : 70-378737 /01-501 737
    or mail us on info@makrissdanceministry.com



    GNS “get in shape” new at MDM lose weight and get the best results with the best “certified” instructors in Town
    Affordable packages :
    Rookiepack–>5sessions /65$pr Session
    Advpack–>10 sessions / 50$ pr Session
    Insanepack–>15 sessions /40$ pr Session

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