Charles Makriss

Born in Lebanon to parents of Lebanese/Greek nationalities, and having his grandmother’s Cuban blood running through his veins; Charles Makriss grew up in an atmosphere where traditions, his talent, and his creativity mingled together to give birth to a successful young choreographer. Charles began his dance journey at the age of 5 starting with the traditional Greek dance, then the Lebanese folk dance, followed by the Charleston, then the Funky Jazz, to finally come across the Mambo and Pop at the age of 12, and the Street Dance which he excels the most.

Teaching his friends and the neighborhood kids Hip Hop and Breaking in the streets was the debut of his career. He was the first to take Hip Hop from the streets to be practiced and taught in dance studios and later in academic schools. It wasn’t that easy for him to reintroduce Hip Hop as a culture, given that it was a misunderstood and discredited form of art ever since it started spreading in Lebanon. He has since then become one of the leading Street Dance instructors in Lebanon, known for his unique fun and yet highly disciplined approach of teaching. Charles is known to be able to teach « anyone » how to dance and transform them into « dancers »!

Throughout the years, Charles grew into an original, creative, diverse, and very reputable choreographer. Being the perfectionist that he is, he has always kept himself up to date with the latest dance developments by opening his horizons to many dance styles from around the world such as: Bollywood, Bachata, and Salsa, traditional Asian dances, etc., and has worked with some of the top international choreographers.

Charles Makriss is the Founder, Owner & Artistic Director of Makriss Dance Ministry, the 1st Street Dance School in Lebanon and the Arab World since 2009. Besides having the main branch of his academy, he sends his instructors to teach Hip Hop & different dance styles in more than16 different clubs and dance academies in Lebanon.


From his many national and international projects, we come to mention:

TV programs

1. Judge of “So You Think You Can Dance – Yala Norkos”,  season 1 on MTV,

2. Sing It’’ on Future TV by Sony Pictures

3. “Top 20” on Rotana TV,

4. “Bababoom” on Future TV,

5. “Star w Noss” on Abu Dhabi TV)

6.“Al Wadi” on LBCI TV, last prime with Hayfa “Ma Sar” song,

7.  “Dancing with Charles” on Sat 7 TV

Cinema movies

1. The “Hip Hop – Dabke” scene of the Lebanese movie “Al Bosta”.

TV Commercials

1. Zein Etisalat (Dubai)

2. Zein Etisalat (Youth)

3. Pampa

4. Pepsi (Michael Jackson)

5. Coca Cola

6. Close up

7. Close up (Karl Woolf)

8. Bonux

9. Asia Cell (Iraq)

10. Nokia

11. MTV Arabia

12. Twix

13. Nike

14. Noodles

15. Cheetos

16. Always

17. Mokarzel jewelry

18. Boom Boom Energy drink

Music videos

1. Ragheb Alameh (Sirr Hobi)

2. Carole Sakr (Falayt Bser3a, Yehya Saade Tribute)

3. Haifa Wehbeh (Wawa)

4. Rola Saad (Amout Wachouf)

5. Diana Haddad (Wedi Wedi)

6. Diana Haddad (Albi Wafi)

7. Jad Chwery (Siyara)

8. Melissa (Mfakar Halak Min)

9. Melissa (Nanana)

10. Maya Nehme (3am Faker)

11. Grace Deeb (El wardi Gamil)

12. Nelly Makdissi (Shabky)

13. Soumaya (Omri Btada)

14. Bruno Tabbal (Rjaa)

15. Hiba Mounzer (Kif Badak Habibi)

16. Militia (Albi 3youni)

17. Militia (Lebnan Waynak)

18. Militia (Cigara)

19. Richi (Ana Loubnaniyon)

20. Richi (Gouwa Hodni)

21. Layla Skandar (Al Ghabi)

22. Nawal El Zoghbi (Ha Oulak Eh )

23. Nawal El Zoghbi (Gharibi Hal Denyi)

24. Mayss Hemdan (Mareeda)

25. Toufic Tannouri (Hayer)

26. Zein TV (Tony Hanna, Saber El Roubaii, Hanin & more artists)

27. Najwa Karam (Khalili Albak)

28. Assi El Helani (Mousiba)

29.Joseph Attieh (Law Gharrabouha)

30. Alicia (Akher Arar)

31. Yara (Ajik)

32. Ziad Maher (Wahachouni 3inik)

33. Loca Zahir (Choukran Choukran)

34. Hadi Daou (Kbouch El Touti)

35. Militia (Abwabou El Jahim)


1. Bacardi Night

2. Miss Resorts

3. Spring Universities

4. Insiyad University Gala Dinner

5. Pepsi’s 60th anniversary

6. Michael Jackson show at Mandaloon

7. J&B “Start A Party Through Ages” at Byblos

8. Many big weddings.

Live Concerts

1. Haifa Wehbe & 50 Cent

2. DJ. George Acosta & Melissa

3. Doctor Alban & Melissa

4. Akon & Melissa,

5. Militia at Byblos & many more concerts

6. Richii at Dhour choueir – 2011, 2012

7. Richi at Sassine Square Festival – 2012

8. Bruno Tabbal at Downtown Music Festival & many more

9. Jad Choueiry at Jordan,

10. Lara Iskandar at Energy Tour

11. Nawal Zoghbi at the 6th Oriental Festival.

Launching Albums:

1. Jad Choueiry (Aycha Kida)

2. Lara Skandar

3. Militia (Beirut)

Launching Brands:

1. Pringles all over Lebanon

2. Audi A4 at Down Town.


1. Maya Nehme at F by Nathalie

2. Maya Nehme at City Bar

3. Nike (Sports Town) at Verdun

4. Le Mall – Dbayeh (Flash Mob)


1. Choreographed the small Christian musical “Aa Tabak Min Foda”,

2. Danced and acted in the theatre play “Ekher Yom” by Oussama Al Rahbani,

3. Choreographed the “Kingdom Fiesta” event, in which seven countries participated from Asia and Africa including Lebanon

4. Choreographed the last part, “The Future”, of the Cultural Festival’s opening in Doha Qatar 2008, under the title of “Doha Earth of Love & Peace”.

5. He was also a part of the choreography department for the opening of the 15th

Asian Games in Doha – Qatar 2006, where he worked on the closing ceremonies

under the title of “One Arabian Night” (dances that were presented included the

well–known personalities such as “Scheherazade”, “Harun al-Rashid”, “Sinbad”, “Ali Baba” and“Aladdin”).

6. He was the Team Choreographer of the opening of the 12th Arab Games Qatar 2011.

7. He choreographed and danced during the 7th Francophone Games 2013, representing Lebanon in Hip Hop. The event was held in Nice – France. Makriss Dance Ministry (Charles and his team) was ranked best 5th choreography between 19 African & European Francophone countries competing for the title.

8. Choreographed the kids’ musical play “Anna Dans La Vallée Des Papillons” in 2014.


1. Teaching at the Lebanon Hip Hop Dance Intensive 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 (Lebanon)

2. Teaching & performing at the 1st Jordan Dance Festival (Jordan)

3. Teaching his own signature style SALSA MAK at Marriott Hotel (Qatar)

4. Teaching at The 8th annual LA Hip Hop dance Intensive 2011 at Debbie Allen Dance Academy, Directed by Dave Scott (Los Angeles)

5. Teaching & Performing at the Lebanon Salsa Mafia 2011, 2012, 2013 (Lebanon)

6. Performing at The Turkish Salsa Festival 2012 (Turkey)

7. Performing at the 5th Marrakesh Salsa Festival 2012 (Morocco)

8. Teaching & Performing at Roma Salsa Festival 2012 (Italy)

9. Teaching & Performing at the 1st Marrakech Salsa Gala Festival (Morocco)

10. Teaching & Performing at the SSS Team Festival (Lebanon)

11.  Performed at the 15th L.A Salsa Congress 2013

He has worked with international choreographers as Debbie Allen, Jason Coleman, Dave Scott and many others. In brief, he has dealt with more than thirty five different cultures in his work field.

In a few words, Charles Makriss is a complete artist: a charismatic dancer, a gifted choreographer, an inspiring instructor, as well as a singer, musician, composer, and lyricist of his band “Militia”.

Charles though is no ordinary artist; he’s a humanitarian performer with a calling trying to reach people of all ages, but especially teenagers, with his passion for dance and music, with the message of love, faith and peace through Dance and Music!